People always ask… Why is the cost of freighting expensive?

And how do I reduce my freight expense?

Freighting cost comprises of packing, documentation, unloads and offloads charges, carriage costs, and insurance costs.

The cost of moving goods is one of the major fear of individuals whenever they want to carry out logistics projects. Individuals even go to the extent of going online to search logistics companies with low freight costs.

There’s no need for that anymore, you can reduce the cost of your freight expense yourself.

Read on to find out how…

1. Shipping in Bulk Reduces Freight Expense

Yes… ship in bulk…

bulk shippingShipping in bulk helps you save costs. Shipping in bulk allows freight agencies to package goods in containers, rather than in small cartons.

Customers who ship in bulk make it easier for freight companies. Shipping in bulk reduces stress for freight agencies. They wouldn’t have to unload and offload lots of goods.

Shipping in pieces attracts different charges and is not good for the shipper. Shipping in bulk is less expensive than shipping in parts.

If you don’t have enough goods to fill a container, you can consider consolidation

2. Consolidation also Reduces Freight Expense


Consolidation is the process where a carrier or a shipping company combines several smaller shipments into one full container.

It helps to reduce the cost of shipping goods because when shippers combine goods in a container, the shipping cost will be shared.

It also reduces stress for the shipping agency in charge of the shipping. They will have fewer goods to move around since its all in one container. That way, the goods will arrive early.

3. Patronize a Professional Logistics Company

Logistics firm

The right logistics company to patronize is not just a licensed logistics company that offers freight services. Logistics companies that offer services like cargo consolidation and project cargo handling are usually more experienced.

Such companies offer cargo consolidation services, handle transportation of cargo to the stuffing point, and stuff the cargo in containers. Furthermore, they handle the customs process of shipping documents, and re-packing of goods if needed.

Project cargo handling on the other involves heavy lift shipment projects, packaging and transporting of cargo which requires expertise and knowledge.

These services allow movement of goods in bulk, in place of small volumes and help reduce the cost of freighting.

The way goods are packaged also have an effect on freight expense. The tips above will not just help you reduce your freight expense, but will also assist in choosing the right logistics company to patronize.

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