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Airport Customs Clearance

Customs Clearing and paperwork for our client’s shipment are managed by our firm.

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Seaport Customs Clearance

With the availability of brokerage services, our custom services eradicate common difficulties, delays and drawbacks.

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Cargo Consolidation

Our cargo consolidation service allows movement of goods in bulk, in place of small volumes, and save cost.

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We transport goods in bulk by air, sea, and train.

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International door-to-door pickups & delivery

We offer door to door pickups and delivery of parcels and goods across the world.

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Export Services

We assist in transporting goods (including machineries) to any part of the world by air, land or sea.

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Send in your Logistics Inquiry – we are pleased to send you an offer without hesitation. Our solutions are tailored to your individual requirements.

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100% Safe Delivery

We ensure that your goods/parcels are delivered safely, no matter what it takes

Weather Insurance

Your goods/parcels are insured against adverse weather conditions.

Fast & On Time

We make sure your goods/parcels are delivered fast and on time at when it is needed.

24/7 Customer Support

We are always available 24/7 to assist you with any questions/enquiries you may have.


Between the point of departure and destination there is Oak-Francis Logistics

We keep your business in motion and your cargo on track.

To ensure the delivery of undamaged products at the right place, employing the right cost-effective means and ensuring timely delivery to meet up with specified dates using the best technology practices, and trained personnel.


Frequently asked questions

What are your Prices and Payment Terms?

Our prices and payment terms are set with each customer individually. The price depends on the nature of the account. Payment terms depend on whether it’s national or international transportation, as well as on other customer’s wishes.

What guarantees do you provide? Are you Insured?

As a top-notch solutions provider, we consider insurance to be our demonstration of professionalism. We are insured and verified in detail. You don’t have to be worried and so, you can leave the transport up to us.

What can I ship

With Oak-Francis Logistics, you can ship all palletised and bulk tank transport in and outside Nigeria. Please contact us for any specific requirements.

What Technologies can Oak-Francis Logistics Provide us?

Oak-Francis Logistics offers top-notch technology solutions to handle your logistics and delivery needs. Each system gives you full visibility and the tools to best manage your shipping. Request a quote so we can show you how simpleit is.


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